Luke Welborn

About Me

I am a Computer Science student at Clemson University. I will be graduating in May of 2023.

Github: PlayitLOUD73


Just Scores

Just Scores is an iOS application that accesses college football data from an API. The app accesses a server written in Go that stores frequently accessed information into a MySQL database to limit API usage.
Server Source
App Source


I wrote a version of Pong for my 2D Game Engine Development class. Pygame was used for creating the GUI, and the Model-View-Controller architecture was used.

Chat Server

Chat Server is an open ended project for a network systems class. Multiple chat clients can connect to the chat server using multithreading. Messages sent from a client appear on other client machines. A GUI was created using GTK.


Hackman is a hangman game written in Go and Raylib. The game connects to an API to retrieve a random word for the player to guess.